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Youtube. Преступления Каддафи против народа
  • 25 марта 2011 |
  • 22:03 |
  • Anonymous |
  • Просмотров: 1731819
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SOS Gaddafi Army Killing Civilians


shame gadaffi. shame on you. these are YOUR people.

my heart is with the libyan, bahraini and yemeni people

Greetings, those people are fighting against the dictator whose actions cause extremism and radical reactions, they are fighting for freedom, and trust me, those are the people you and your countries, all countries rather deal with. they are Muslims, in most, but look at them praying in Tahrir Square in Egypt, while their Christians neighbors and friends surround them to protect them form bullets. We Arabs are Muslims, Christians, and Jews live together away from our leaders.

Gaddafi assacin


man...jesus wont forgive this guy

i cant believe Gaddafi are human....poor people on this video, who would do such a horrible thing and try to stay in power....he has no sense of shame?

Libya : Mercenaries terrorize people in Tripoli street


gaddafi must pay with his life

ı hope gaddafi will die as soon as possible .ı am praying for this.

Wounded Soldier of Khamis (Gadhafi's Son)


What does he say?

@WLtsunami They asked him "Who Sent you who sent you!? and He replies "Khamis Moammar" & than they ask him where are you from? and he responds "Tripoli"

I am from Tripoli, I wish I was in Benghazi with our brothers, this fuckers must be executed, maybe he was only a victim since Gaddafi was looking for black people only.. In fact, Tripoli is rising as I speak like hell to support our bothers everywhere... In Libya..

Gaddafi Libya Gunfight in The Streets of Benghazi


God Bless

митинг в Лондоне в поддержку оппозиции Ливии, призывающий уайт холл остановить гражданскую войну

и это только малая часть подобных видеофактов.

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