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i just watched a movie called "blood diamonds". It is showing how exacly there is in afrika, Children that are beeing trained to shoot another living person, just right now, i released this is a problem. When the movie ended a tear fell from my eye, and i said to myself "What kind of world is this".

I learn abut this in school and now I can´t stop thinking* abut this..

I am 12 years old and live in Sweden, and when I get older i Want to work with child soldiers, cause I want to help them m.m

and I like your clip, it´s so good. "You" can understand there situation almost, forts innocent children then soldiers.

Now i´m gunna continue to searh on Youtube

P.S My spelling is not so good, im 12.. and live in sweden...


OMG i feel so sorry for every child in this army and the 4 yr old childs head on the rgound blah i almost cryed when i say that!


This is a short slideshow/video I did for school on child soldiers. About 500,000 children worldwide are forced to kill or be involved with war and armed conflict to survive. What are you thankful for when you wake up in the morning?


Learn about children affected by war in Uganda. Learn about how to help these children get a better life through education.

15 year old Madeleine came to the UN to testify about the horrors of life at the hands of Thomas Lubanga as a Child Soldier.


such a sad story but im glad she's doing better....war is bad.....

Thanks, Lisa.

This was shot in the Congo and in Manhattan. It was broadcast on the Al Jazeera English program, "People and Power."


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